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Where we focus and grow together

Tired of working alone?

Good news, you are not just you! Cafe100x is a virtual coworking space to bring together people who have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. Whether you are a remote worker, entrepreneur or freelancer, you're all welcome to join.

Hosted by Edwin

Edwin Frondozo is the host and producer of an award-winning podcast and the co-founder of a B2B telecommunications network provider, Slingshot VOIP.

As the producer and host of The Business Leadership Podcast, he interviews business leaders on the cutting edge of change about brand-building, industry disruption, and innovation.

What to expect in Cafe100x

Fun with Edwin

Moderated by Edwin where he will play music (typically lofi, jazz, or hip hop), set timers, and share stories. Interact directly with him and other Cafe100Xers in real-time through the chat.

What else to expect in Cafe100x

Get More Work Done 💪

Utilizing the Pomodoro technique by setting predetermined time intervals to improve focus, productivity and concentration to get more work done in less time

What more to expect in Cafe100x

The Chat

The chat is the best-kept secret, it's the place where you can discuss anything and everything. Meet and connect with other like-minded people.

Eat your frogs...
together 😀

Clear out your inbox

Inbox zero, is it achievable? Let's get to inbox zero together during this time. Edwin can share his tips on how he stays under 20 emails/day.

design a new website

This page was created during Cafe100x, a quick design project that needed to be completed.

do your taxes

As I write this, I am thinking of filing my income taxes, which takes time. Why not use this time to get it done? If you're like me, this is also something you avoid.

hours of operation

Every Tuesday from 1pm to 5pm EST

How to join Cafe100x in 1.5 minutes or less

  1. Go to or download the Twitch app on your device

  2. Create a free Twitch Account

  3. Search Edwin100x and Click FOLLOW

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